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Short Story: "Three Weeks" Rated G, fandom: the big bang theory

Title: Three Weeks
Rating: PG
Summary: Penny gets an acting gig that requires her to go to New York City for three weeks, much to her and everyone's surprise. She takes it and leaves; while she is gone, someone realizes how much he misses her.
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Sheldon wakes up at his normal time, uses the restroom and is ready for breakfast by 6:30 A.M. It was a normal routine. He measured his oatmeal and cooked it, put the kettle on for tea (also turned the coffee pot on for his friends) and booted up his computer so he could read the newspaper e-mailed to him.

By 6:55 A.M, he had finished his oatmeal, rinsed the bowl and was going to his room to get changed. In the next four to five minutes Penny will walk through the door, demand coffee and milk, then after a few minutes of chit chat, she will depart from the apartment and Leonard will wake up. Then, by 7:30 A.M, Sheldon and Leonard would have left to go to work.

Only after Sheldon put his shoes on he noticed a lack of something. No, not something, someone. Penny has not come over yet to growl for some caffiene. Then he remembered that Penny got a small part in a television movie and was in New York City for three weeks. Leonard and Sheldon drove her (with Leonard driving, of course) to the airport yesterday morning.

Already, he feels his schedule tilt a little.


Tuesday morning started off well. Tuesday afternoon passed by in a blur of equations and Raj's jokes. By the night, however, they all went to the normal eatery and sat down at the normal table, waiting for the normal waitress to come by.

Only she never came. What replaced her was a bumbling fool who constantly asked for them to repeat their orders, and blanched at Sheldon's.

Of course, the idiot got the order wrong and Sheldon had to go into the kitchen and supervise the chef.

That was when he felt the first pang in his heart.


At work he had an encounter with Leslie Winkle and scowled for the rest of the day.

Not because she called him 'Dr. Dumbass'. Because she wore the same perfume that his absent neighbor wore.

And he began to miss her.


A telephone call interrupted the middle of a pleasant Doctor Who marathon, but Sheldon did not answer the phone. That was what Leonard was for.

Only once he realized who was on the other end, his hands itched to hold the reciever. When he got his turn, he allowed himself ten seconds pf pleasure at hearing her voice before telling her the high statistics of being raped/mugged/killed/ likliness to touch unclean surfaces. She said she missed him too, then had to hang up the phone to go film.
Awh! How sweet! =D
I love how he goes on a rant and she intuitively knows it's partially because he misses her...
That was indeed sweet. I like Sheldon missing Penny. I wish they'd do something like in canon.